The Dark Knight Slot Review

The Marvel movies are some of the most gripping, intense and enjoyable of all superhero-themed movies. It just so happens that you can also play a slot game based on one of them – the Dark Knight slot by Playtech. In this one, you can take a journey through the reels with Two-Face, Joker, Batman, Commissioner Gordan and several other characters who pop up in the main film. It doesn’t get more authentic than that, but in order to join the Batman versus Joker showdown, you need to register with one of the Dark Knight casinos below.

How to play

The Dark Knight slot game is often a favourite at India’s top casinos. Here’s the best part, too. Anyone can get involved with this game. This is true regardless of your prior slot gaming experience, your available budget, or the device you plan on gaming from (thanks to Playtech’s omnichannel service). So, to join Batman in his quest to save Gotham City, all you have to do is choose a stake per spin and hit the bat symbol to spin those reels. Of course, various outcomes and features can occur while spinning the reels, but that’s all part of the fun. 

Gameplay, RTP and Variance

Compared with the other slot games developed by Playtech over the years, this one is clearly on the more creative side of things. Boasting almost all of the Dark Knight’s popular characters, including unique in-game bonuses, and containing a staggering four separate jackpots, almost nothing is missing. The RTP for the Dark Knight slot is 95.96% too, suggesting you can expect a fairly decent hit frequency. This is ideal if you don’t have an enormous bank balance to work with, although do keep in mind that the game has a medium-variance. 

Generally speaking, online casino games with medium-variances provide a nice blend of regular wins with varying values. But that’s for you to find out by giving this game a spin.

Bonus features

Any slot game worth talking about has to have exciting and potentially rewarding bonuses. The various Dark Knight casinos we’ve listed here are full of such games, but specifically for this one, there are a few bonuses you have to look out for:

Progressive jackpots

Some might say this isn’t strictly a bonus feature, but hey, it’s fairly rare you find online slots with four different jackpots. Unlike other progressives, however, you don’t need to increase your stake to be in with a shot at landing these larger payouts. Instead, the jackpots are unlocked in a fairly random manner and there’s a bonus game linked to them where you will discover your fate. 

Free spins

When thinking of bonus features associated with video slots, free spins are arguably the first bonuses that spring to mind. As the name indicates, these allow you to get the reels turning without depleting your real money balance. The Dark Knight slot has three different free spins features too:

  • Batman has no Jurisdiction – 7 free spins – all Batman symbols exchanged for sticky wilds
  • Gotham City – 7 free spins – Batman symbols and Jumbo Joker combined
  • Agent of Chaos – 7 free spins – additional multipliers through Jumbo Joker symbols

Joker respins

Should the Joker symbols fill the sixth reel, the Joker respins feature gets triggered. This initiates the free spins. After each spin, an animated coin gets flipped to see whether the free spins will continue or end. The Joker side of the coin is the one you want here, as this continues the supply of free spins. In total, you can get eight free spins here. 

Batman respins

Batman respins work in the same way as the Joker respins, only the Batman symbol must fill the first reel rather than the sixth. Following another great in-game mobile clip, the feature will begin and here you need the coin to land on the Batman symbols to get additional free spins. There are eight possible freebies with this feature. Should extra wild symbols make their way onto the reels during the free spins, you could be in for some awesome returns.


Playtech has an awesome reputation for the integration of its games across all devices, hence the omnichannel accolades. So as you’d expect, most Dark Knight casinos also facilitate mobile play for this slot game. This can be done through mainstream mobile browsers or through our preference, mobile apps. Choose the latter and you will still experience the same great animations during the game and experience smooth gameplay transitions. You might even be treated to exclusive mobile app bonuses on occasions. Just turn on push notifications so you don’t miss out. 

Design, Sound and Graphics

The design of the Dark Knight slot game might not be overly unique, with a 6×3 grid and 2D graphics. But boy does the game stand out from the rest. Playtech has truly outdone themselves here by introducing move clips ahead of key features, creating dark and mysterious sounds for various outcomes and, of course, the aesthetics aren’t bad either. In particular, we loved the voiceovers from characters from the movie. These help create some awesome tension when spinning the reels. 

It really is one of the top video slots within the Playtech portfolio, and the fact that you get all of these advantages when playing on mobile, desktop or tablets makes it all the more appealing. 


After breaking down all of the ins and outs of this spectacular video slot, we cannot give it anything but a huge thumbs up. It’s easy on the bank balance with spins possible from remarkably low wagers, it’s full of rewarding bonuses and it’s absolutely awesome to play if you are a Batman fan. Remember, if you sign up with one of the best Dark Knight sites listed here, you may then be able to use your welcome bonus to play this game. Does it get much better?


Can I play the Dark Knight slot for free?

Yes, you can. It is possible to play free slots at most of the Dark Knight casinos we’ve mentioned, but you’ll still need to create an account to do so. 

Are there any benefits to betting the maximum possible here?

Yes, but the only real benefit is that the payouts are then higher due to the increased stake. But remember, while the payouts are higher, the risk you are taking on is also higher. 

Is this game suitable for a beginner?

Yes. The Dark Knight slot is a super simple game that doesn’t take much to learn. All you need to understand is how to adjust your stake and then decide whether to manually spin the reels or switch on auto-spin. That’s all there is to it.