Gambling responsibly is encouraged at all of India’s best casinos, but how do you actually do this? After all, it’s one thing for a site to say ‘please gamble responsibly’, but you still need the right information and advice to do this effectively. That’s what we’d like to share with you right here. We’ve covered everything, from deposit limits to self-exclusions. So, if you’d like to sharpen up your knowledge and put the right measures in place for responsible gambling, keep reading.

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Basic safe gambling tips

Gambling safely is easier said than done. As you may already know, online gambling carries the risks of financial loss, addiction and it can lead to problems in life if not managed correctly. Therefore, we feel it’s time to share some of our top tips on how you can stay safe when playing online casino games in India:

Self-exclude if required

If you really feel like gambling is causing more harm than enjoyment, it might be time to consider a self-exclusion. Almost all gambling sites in India have this as an option. It can be done by contacting the relative customer support teams. Basically, a self-exclusion is a measure taken which will lock you out of your account for a period of time, usually a minimum of 12 months. Of course, this is a drastic measure and it cannot be overturned when done. 

Set up a personal log

One of the tell-tale signs of problem gambling is when you start to bend the truth to friends and family about how much you may have spent, lost, or how much time you’ve spent gambling. Therefore, one of the best ways to stay true to yourself is to establish some form of personal log. Here you can track how much money you have committed to gambling, how much time you’ve spent gambling and how often you are gambling.

Monitor your feelings when gambling

It may seem strange to mention ‘feelings’ regarding gambling. But this is something which is important, especially if you are feeling low or sad. If you have these feelings, stay away from gambling, as some people start to spend more cash than usual in an attempt to overcome these feelings. On another note, you should think of how you are feeling during the act of gambling. Do you feel happy? Do you feel anxious? Do you feel the need to bet more to have the same excitement levels?

This can just be a mental note, but if gambling is causing you to have other feelings besides fun and enjoyment, it may be time to seek assistance. 

Time Limits Explained

While the above tips have related to things you can do on a personal level, time limits are something you can enforce within your account. Think of these time limits as a prompt that you have gambled for longer than you’d like to. Basically, in your settings, you can establish a time limit (such as 30 minutes or 1 hour) and when this time comes around, you’ll receive an on-screen notification. These can be useful, since it can be hard to track the amount of time spent gambling, especially if you are having plenty of fun.

Of course, you can set up these time limits to suit whatever time you like. Once the on-screen pop up appears, you will likely be presented with the choice to carry on gambling or log out. Just like the measures we’ve talked about earlier, if you find yourself ignoring the prompts or going well beyond the gambling limits you’ve established, this can be a sign a few things need to change.

Deposit Limits Explained 

This is another effective way of monitoring your gambling, this time from a financial perspective. Deposit limits allow you to enforce restrictions as to how much you can fund your account with. Typically, you can establish deposit limits on a monthly, weekly and even a daily basis. One thing we would say, however, is to make sure you don’t set the limits incredibly low, as this might prevent you from being able to participate in certain casino bonuses

However, you should set the deposit limits at values that you are comfortable with. For example, if you know you can’t afford to spend more than $50 a month on gambling, then set up a monthly $50 limit. Naturally, this figure will be different for everyone. Never gamble more than you are prepared to lose. You’ve probably heard that advice before, but it is vital you stick to this to keep online gambling fun. Sure, gambling does carry the chance of financial gain, but you can lose that money too.


Can I alter time and deposit limits once set up?

Yes. However, there is a standard delay in being able to do this to avoid problem gambling behaviours. Should you try and alter any deposit or time limits, these won’t come into effect until somewhere in the region of 24-48 hours afterwards. 

Are there any recommendations on what time limits I should enforce?

Not specifically, no. The amount of time you feel you can commit to gambling without things spiralling out of control will likely be different to somebody else. However, if you wanted to put a figure to it, we would suggest setting up a time limit of anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. 

If I self-exclude from a site, must I self-exclude from all sites?

No. But if you self-exclude from one site, this is done because you feel that gambling is getting beyond your control. Therefore, it should be a serious consideration to self-exclude from all other sites you hold an account with too.